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Get Some Flow – With Your Collagen Production

Aesthetics ProceduresTo be in the flow means to be “in the zone,” operating at high capacity with enjoyment and full engagement. Who wouldn’t want this to describe how their body continually produces the collagen needed to support firm, supple skin! We love that idea! Let’s look at some of the ways collagen production can be boosted.

  • Diet. Sure, there are collagen supplements on just about every store shelf, but you may not really need to go that far. What you put in your mouth does matter, though. Eating lots of leafy greens promotes collagen and much more, as does sprinkling some garlic onto your dishes. Foods rich in vitamin C, as well, assist the body in its collagen-making duties.
  • About those supplements. . . Supplemental products can be added to your skin care routine to facilitate collagen rebuilding. Ask us about the skin care moisturizers and serums that may be ideal for your skin type and current concerns.
  • Hydrate. Many of us walk around chronically dehydrated, and hydration is vital to collagen production, as well as plump, smooth skin. It’s so easy to get enough water – just sip it throughout the day. Don’t love the H2O? Add some lemon, orange, or other fruit, and a touch of sweetness with a few drops of stevia.
  • Massage. There are two ways in which facial massage can benefit your skin. First, it will spur on collagen proliferation. Second, a gentle facial massage improves circulation and strengthens muscle memory in the chin, cheeks, and forehead.
  • Don’t smoke. Who needs another reason to quit smoking? In addition to damaging the delicate tissue in the lungs, cigarette smoke immediately comes into contact with the skin, and it robs tissues of the oxygenation needed to maintain a radiant, smooth, and tight appearance.

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