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Learn Your Skin With a VISIA Skin Analysis

  • Posted on: Sep 16 2014
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In order to properly care for your skin it is important to understand exactly what your skin’s unique characteristics are. By knowing your skin type or types you will be better able to purchase products for your skin and care for it at home.

The VISIA skin analysis system can help quickly and easily identify your skin condition. With this information, your physician can recommend the topical and injectable skin care products that your skin will best respond to.

The VISIA system scans your entire face, creating an 8-point facial profile of your skin. This introductory information will allow your physician to recommend the best skin care products for your unique skin type. Additionally, after using those products for some time, you can return to our office for a second scan that will show you how well they are working.

VISIA works by identifying any skin surface irregularities that you may have. On the surface these will appear as brown spots, redness, scars, age spots and blemishes. The system is also effective at identifying wrinkles and places on the face that are prone to wrinkles, furrows, folds or creases.

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