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Is Perlane Right for You?

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2014
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Here at Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, we offer patients several options when it comes to fighting the signs of aging with the use of dermal fillers. Dr. Quintana helps patients choose the right dermal filler. One of your options is Perlane in New York. Perhaps you are asking yourself, do I need Perlane? Is it right for me? Read on and find out.

Perlane is a clear gel that is made of hyaluronic acid. It adds fullness to the skin like what the body’s hyaluronic acid does. There are three things to take into consideration before choosing Perlane.

Depth of injection

Perlane is like Restylane as both are hyaluronic acid fillers. However, Perlane has larger particles than Restylane. Thus it is perfect for wrinkles that require deeper injection.

Long-lasting results

Longevity has to be considered when looking for a dermal filler. The results of Perlane last up to six months after one treatment. Then again, the results vary from one person to the other and depends on a couple of factors such as the severity of the imperfection and the condition of the skin.

Areas that require treatment

Perlane is the perfect choice if you want to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, smile lines, and lipstick lines. It also adds volume to the lips and augments the chin as well as cheek depressions. Perlane improves the contour of the jawline too.

If you wish to reverse the signs of aging with the use of dermal fillers, request an appointment with us by calling 212-391-8600 or by filling out this online contact form. We would love to help you choose the perfect dermal filler and stay by your side as you achieve facial rejuvenation!


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