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Ready to Jump on the Injectables Trend? Here’s What You Should Know.

Injectables NYC, NYAs we have evolved into the age of aesthetic medicine, beauty treatments are nothing like they used to be. Rather than focusing on what we can put on our skin, we are now able to look at what may be introduced into the skin. Injectables are a prime example of the way we manage the aging process today. Botox and dermal fillers are products we hear about often. Due to the commonality of injectable treatments, you may make assumptions about a given approach. We don’t want you to miss the beauty boat, so we’re going to introduce injectables to you in our unique way.

Injectables and the “Aging” Skin

Injectables like Botox are often referred to as wrinkle-reducers or anti-aging treatments. What does this immediately bring to mind? That you need to have wrinkles or other age-related concerns to benefit from an injectable treatment. Not so. Anti-aging has taken on a new meaning these days. Most people wait for problems to develop so they can be chased down and eliminated. Instead, we are looking at how injectables can postpone the onset of those problems. For instance, a small amount of Botox on the forehead can minimize muscle contractions enough to slow the aging of the skin in that area. It’s genius to take a proactive stance against the process of aging.

Skin is not a Cookie-Cutter Matter

We all have unique skin and unique concerns. When it comes to how we use injectables, and how injectables work for us, we need to remember this uniqueness, because it relates to results. Believing that Botox may last 6 months, only to notice results fading after 4 months, could feel frustrating. That is unless you realize that every body metabolizes injectable compounds differently. The best way to know how long results will last in your skin is to obtain treatment from a reputable dermatologist.

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