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News for the Botox Newbie

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2020
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Botox cosmetic was approved for use in the early 2000s. Since that time, millions of injections have been administered around the country. People turn to Botox when they want to look a little more like their younger selves. People turn to Botox as a way to mitigate the signs of aging before they take over the face. If you’ve heard all the hype and are ready to try Botox out for yourself, you probably also have some questions. Most of our new patients want to know what their first visit will be like. Here, we take a walk through the process.

First, we Talk

Getting an injectable treatment can be a little intimidating regardless of how many people have had this done. The point is, you have never had injections in a part of your face. So, it may set your mind at ease to know that, even if you schedule your appointment specifically to get Botox injections, your provider will not jump right to the treatment itself. We must talk before we treat. Otherwise, we’re flying blind, so to speak. No one wants injections from someone who is guessing what they are trying to achieve! Our consultation informs us of your unique concerns and goals. From there, we can decide if Botox is even the right path to get you where you want to be.

Botox is used for the reduction of dynamic wrinkles. These are the lines that come from moving your face. Examples include horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. If you want to reduce these creases, Botox may be the ideal solution. If you’ve got other concerns, such as creases on the lower part of the face, you may also benefit from dermal filler injections.


Botox can be administered right after our consultation if you so choose. To begin, your provider will cleanse the skin in the treatment area. Anesthetic is not necessary. The needle with which injectables are administered is very small and feels only like a momentary pinch. Trust us, while you will feel a little something during your injections, you will not be in pain. And, in just a few minutes, the whole process is over.

Recovery and Results

It is not necessary to take time out of your busy life to get Botox. Many of our patients go right back to work. Still, when you schedule your very first treatment, you may want to do it at a time when you can go home. This way, you can see how your body reacts to Botox in the privacy of your own home. Usually, side effects are limited to minor swelling and redness around injection points. These fade within a few hours.

With Botox, the results of treatment develop over several days. By one-week post-treatment, you should see the full effects of your anti-aging solution. These can last between 3 and 6 months and are easy to maintain with occasional touch-ups.

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