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Rejuvenating with Radiesse

 Radiesse® Treatment New York City, NYFor the past several years, we have heard quite a bit about the value of Botox and dermal fillers for correcting age-related concerns such as frown lines and lines around the nose and mouth. “Dermal fillers” is the term that is most often used, and describes the variety of products that are commonly used to restore volume to key areas of the face.

Because dermal fillers are frequently referred to so vaguely, there is a very real opportunity to miss out on the unique benefits of different types. Here, we’d like to give some attention to Radiesse, a dermal filler that has been available since 2006. That’s a long time for a filler to be on the market and not widely familiar!

What is Radiesse®?

We tend to recognize product names such as Juvederm and that entire family of soft tissue fillers. Radiesse is a completely different kind of filler. Where Juvederm products fill lines and restore volume by attracting water molecules, Radiesse does so by rebuilding structural support with microscopic beads of calcium hydroxylapatite. These microspheres are held within a gel base that is gradually absorbed by the body.

Benefits of Radiesse Treatment

Many patients wonder why there are so many different dermal fillers available today. The answer is because each one has its unique properties. For example, the small particulates that make up the Radiesse filler are less pliable; they stay put and a little more firm than other fillers. This makes Radiesse an excellent choice for minor nasal reshaping, and also for contouring the jawline.

In addition to immediately refining contours and volume, Radiesse also has staying power in the form of collagen rebuilding. The stimulation from microspheres encourages collagen proliferation, which further supports firm, supple skin. The combination of thicker consistency and collagen remodeling enables many Radiesse patients to decrease the frequency of aesthetic touch-ups.

Is Radiesse Your New Go-To?

There are numerous options for rejuvenating the face and hands. While it is beneficial to become familiar with various products, the best way to know which will best meet your particular needs is to consult with your dermatologist. We would love to see you in our dermatology office located in Time’s Square. To schedule your visit with us, call (212) 391-8600.

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