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Why Picking Pimples is a Big No-No

Anyone who has ever struggled with acne knows how tempting it is to pick or pop blackheads and whiteheads. It isn’t for entertainment that we do this; it seems to be an instinctual urge brought on by a desire to rid the skin of such irritating lesions. The problem is, picking and popping come with their bag of worms. There are several reasons why dermatologists warn against popping pimples, no matter how “safe” a technique one may believe they are using.

Why Picking Pimples is a Big No-No | Acne Treatment New York City, NYReasons to Avoid Picking and Popping Pimples

  • When you pick or pop, you inhibit the natural healing process. Believe it or not, pimples are in indication that the body is working; a sign of expulsion. The body is trying to get rid of debris and bacteria through its natural process. This can be helped along, but not with picking.
  • You might tear your skin. We see the effects of picking and popping all-too-frequently, and they aren’t pretty. In some cases, the inflammation that is already present cannot withstand the trauma of pressing and picking at the skin. This can result in bruising and tearing.
  • Picking makes the whole problem worse. If you start with a few pimples, and your progress to one or more of those lesions getting injured by popping or picking, you then have more inflammation and swelling around the follicle that was there originally. This trauma could lead to infection.
  • Trauma and infection could lead to scarring. One of the most concerning aspects of acne is that this condition could leave permanent scars on the face and body. The more picking that goes on, the greater this risk.
  • More pimples might develop. Touching pimples means spreading the oil and bacteria from one small area of skin to another.

There’s a Better Way

There is no reason for acne to get out of control. If over-the-counter treatments do not work within a few weeks, and home remedies are not easily understood (some of them can make the problem worse), it is beneficial to see a dermatologist. With profession treatment such as acne facials, chemical peels, light and laser treatments, and medication available, no one has to suffer the consequences of frequent breakouts.

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