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Please, Just Don’t – Skincare Don’ts!

Aesthetics Procedures New York City, NYDo you find yourself in a state of constant frustration when it comes to your skin? We are inundated with picture-perfect skin on pages of magazines and even on social media. To go along with the idea that we can have a baby-smooth complexion (we can, actually), we are also served up a near-daily dose of tips on how to get it. Please. Just stop trying all the latest and greatest. By following every trend that comes down the pipeline, you are most likely making at least one dreaded mistake.

What Not to Do

  • Take cleansing too lightly. You know how you should brush your teeth twice a day? Well, your skin benefits from the same. Many people try to get by with a quick rinse in the morning before they head out the door. After a late night, it isn’t uncommon to go to sleep without removing makeup. Skimping on adequate face-washing is a big no-no that can lead to breakouts and cellular buildup.
  • Take cleansing too seriously. Skin cleansing often leans to one extreme or the other. Over-cleansing is as detrimental to healthy skin as not washing your face at all. When you wash too frequently, the barrier that protects skin from dehydration and debris is disrupted. Here’s a hint: the term “squeaky-clean” does not apply to your skin. In addition to skipping over that extra wash, also put down the cleansing brush. Those vibrating bristles may do a great job at removing debris, but they can also interrupt the quality of lipids that provide moisture.
  • Switch products frequently. Studies show that it takes time for any particular product to truly affect the skin. Frequent switching keeps your skin guessing, which means it could get irritated. Choose a gentle cleanser and antioxidant serum for morning use, sunscreen for daily use, and a retinoid product to apply before bed (after washing!). It doesn’t need to get more complicated than that.

If your daily routine is not giving you the results you desire, now is a great time to turn to your NYC dermatologist for help. We love sitting down with patients in our comfortable Midtown Manhattan office to develop a skincare program that meets their needs. For your appointment, contact our office at (212) 391-8600.

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