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Effective Injection Therapy Options in New York City

  • Posted on: May 30 2013
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The world of skin rejuvenation has never seen a revolution as it has been having these days – what with the constant updates of skin surgical procedures, as well as the influx of minimally invasive procedures. As supported by the latest statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the less invasive skin rejuvenation procedures are getting more and more popular.

One logical factor to this development is the fact that a lot of patients are not much convinced to gamble on the accompanying potential risks of rejuvenation surgery procedures. Additionally, surgeries entail a considerable recovery period before witnessing full results. On the contrary, an effective minimally invasive procedure requires less pain and hassle and risk with the outcome seen much faster.

One of the standouts in minimally invasive procedures is the use of injectable fillers or injection therapies. The injectable treatments are popular due to their versatility as treatments for smoother, shapelier and younger-looking skin features (especially the face area). Moreover, the latest injectable products today are capable indeed of treating various skin issues and complications from filling wrinkles and creases to even reshaping noses, chins and cheeks.

At Laser & Mohs Surgery of New York, the tandem of skin experts Dr. Adelle Quintana will guide you through effective Injection Therapy options that are most appropriate for your particular skin condition and concern. The New York Dermatologists will most likely create an aesthetic plan to achieve your desired your level of skin rejuvenation.

Nevertheless, the latest injectable treatment options to choose from include:
– Dysporttm
– Restylane
– Botox
– Juvedermtm
– Radiesse
– Perlane

Dr. Quintana themselves have scrutinized the effectiveness and safety of these injectable treatments. In fact, both of them in different capacity either as lead researcher or research investigator/advocate, have participated in sealing FDA approval for some of these injectable treatments.

There is no single treatment considered superior compared to all the others and in all possible aspects, as each treatment will work well based on individual skin circumstances.

If you have skin issues and you feel that they can be treated with injection therapy, better consult with Dr. Quintana about it.

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