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Give Your Summertime Skin some Consideration Now

Laser Hair Removal NYC, NYAt this time of year, our thoughts of Summer revolve around the fabulousness of feeling warmed by the sun and how good that will feel after the chill of Winter. Currently, the only people who may be thinking about donning a bikini or shorts are those who are traveling to a far-away destination for some fun in the tropical sun. In truth, there is another reason to think about the upcoming bikini season sooner rather than later. Laser hair removal, for instance, is a treatment that is ideal for Winter.

What is laser hair removal?

Shaving and tweezing and waxing all work, but they are a hassle. More people realize that they spend far too much time on their grooming, and could be doing other, more pleasant things instead. Laser hair removal makes this possible. The effect of laser energy on the hair follicles incapacitates them so they can no longer produce hair. Genius! After just one treatment, visible hair is reduces significantly. However, hair production is only reduced by about 20-30%.

Wintertime is Laser Treatment Time

Laser hair removal is a process that takes a few months to complete. Without completion, results will be short-lived. Starting later than Springtime could mean missing out on a bit of that freedom you will want to enjoy the moment the weather changes for the better. This is one reason why you may want to schedule laser hair removal in our Midtown Manhattan office now.

But there’s more . . .

The efficacy of laser hair removal is greatest on the paler skin and darker hair. This is because energy is absorbed by pigment. Naturally, skin is at its lightest in the cold-weather months, which maximizes the power of laser treatment. Also, the skin may appear slightly red and feel slightly sensitive after laser treatments. Having the coverage of clothing and cloudy skies prevents unnecessary UV exposure, which could ultimately exacerbate the minor side effects of treatment.

Healthy, smooth skin never goes out of style. Call 212-391-8600 to learn more about laser hair removal.

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