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Leg Vein Removal: Doing It Laser Safe & Laser Effective

  • Posted on: Jan 25 2013
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In a human body structure, the legs are the firm, wonderfully sculpted pair of limbs that act as support to keep a person’s balance. The legs practically act also as the person’s primary mover from a place to another. But later in life, the legs may encounter issues that can affect their functioning and appearance, like the onset of enlarged and bulging leg veins.

Generally, these vein-related issues may come in the form of either varicose veins or spider veins. Varicose veins are enlarged and raised veins – sometimes bluish or reddish in color – that often appear similar to “twisted and bulging cords”. The smaller versions of varicose veins are known as spider veins – particularly distinguished for their spider web look with short, jagged lines. These vein problems may appear on the back of the calves and thighs among men and women, but they are a more common concern when on the insides of legs of women –popularly termed as leg veins.

Leg veins may be due to several possible factors, including: increasing age, genetics, obesity, pregnancy, hormonal changes, and sedentary lifestyle (even standing for a long time can also be a factor). These abnormal veins are not pleasant to ogle at, as they may even evoke a swollen appearance in severe cases. Appearance aside, persons with varicose veins often feel aching pain, throbbing or cramping, swelling, and heaviness.

At Laser & Mohs Surgery in New York, problematic leg veins may now be removed using the latest in laser cosmetics. This Leg Vein Removal technique has specialized lasers to carefully target vein walls for heating and sealing. The body then absorbs these sealed veins in a matter of few months. The varicose and spider veins are expected to be significantly diminished, if not totally eliminated, after two to three treatments. Each treatment is spaced within 3 to 6 months apart to encourage proper healing and natural improvement. Laser & Mohs Surgery’s laser vein removal comes from the well-established IRIDEX line. IRIDEX is known as the leading provider of medical precision laser technology since 1989. Before any laser treatment is scheduled, each patient will be discussed about her eligibility and treatment details.

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