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Say Goodbye to Spider Veins with Laser Treatment

Leg Vein Removal New York City, NYSpider veins – those clusters of purple, blue, and red on the legs, face, chest, or another area – pose quite the problem. These webs of veins are not medically concerning, but they are frustrating nonetheless. Spider veins most commonly affect women, though a few men here and there notice them, too. In any situation, the fact that there is no medical reason to treat spider veins doesn’t mean you have to live with them. If you’d like to feel great about your overall appearance this summer, we invite you to consider the value of laser vein treatment for spider veins.

Historically, spider veins have been treated with sclerotherapy. This method of care involves injections of a sclerosing medication directly into individual veins. Sclerotherapy may sound much more uncomfortable than it is. Still, there is an alternative. In our Midtown Manhattan dermatology office, you have the option of eliminating clusters of non-functioning spider veins with quick laser treatments. As you contemplate the benefits of laser vein treatment, it is advantageous to prepare for details such as:

  • Laser vein treatment has been successfully and safely performed all around the world for several years.
  • Treatments can take up to thirty minutes, depending on the extensiveness of webbing.
  • Usually, more than one treatment is needed to achieve full elimination of discoloration on the skin. Most patients achieve their desired outcome with 2 to 3 treatments.
  • Laser vein treatment works by gently heating veins, causing them to collapse gradually over time.
  • Vein treatments usually cause mild, temporary irritation within the superficial tissue. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid direct sun exposure for several days after treatment.
  • Compression stockings have demonstrated efficiency in expediting the closure and fading of spider veins. If you are prone to spider or varicose veins, you may benefit from wearing compression stockings routinely after your vein treatment.

You deserve to feel amazing in your skin this summer and all throughout the year. Learn more about laser vein treatments at 212-391-8600.

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