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Three Things You Need to Know about Botox

As one of the leading cosmetic treatments of all time (so it seems, anyway), Botox is a well-known method of reducing wrinkles on the face. You would think that we all know all there is to know about this minimally-invasive treatment, but the prevalence of misconceptions continues to prove otherwise. Dr. Quintana performs Botox, as… Read More »

Is Your Age Being Divulged?

We women are not too fond of having to divulge our secrets. Historically, age has been one of those little details that we prefer to keep to ourselves. Today, we are seeing almost as many men as women take measures to maintain an appearance of youth. Of course, we all know that it’s not possible… Read More »

End the Curse of Stretch Marks

The gift of life is anything but a curse! Stretch marks, on the other hand, can feel like a memento of motherhood that isn’t necessary. When we talk about stretch marks, it does usually pertain to those that develop on the abdomen, thighs, or breasts during pregnancy. However, there is another reason for stretch marks,… Read More »

Is Your Sunscreen Serving You?

Summertime is pretty much here, and that means we need to be reminded about the importance of sunscreen use. The number of cases of preventable skin cancers has risen year after year, and 1 in 5 people are now at risk of this serious disease. Did you catch the key word in that statement? Skin… Read More »

Is it Sensitive Skin or Skin Sensitivity?

Many people claim to have sensitive skin. In reality, a fair amount of the redness, dullness, breakouts and dryness that person experiences could be a byproduct of their skin care routine. If you experience irritation when the weather changes, or when you are out in the sun, you may, in fact, have sensitive skin. Blotchiness,… Read More »

Is Volbella In Your Future?

Lip plumping has come a long way, Baby! Do you remember those tubes of special liquid that would give you “bee-sting” lips? We do! Lip plumping products still exist and remain as popular as ever. Some work by irritating the superficial tissues, while others dilate the blood vessels to increase blood flow. Still, other lip… Read More »

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