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Are You Using Your Skincare Correctly?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2020
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Skincare products help us maintain smooth, clear, youthful skin. The older we get, the more products we may add to our repertoire. When multiple products are used, though, they must be layered correctly to get the best results. Layering can seem complex, so we’re going to offer some tips to help you make sure your quality skincare products are doing their job on your skin.

What to Do

There is a right way and a wrong way to layer skincare products. This doesn’t have to be difficult. Generally, we suggest following the rule of combining like with like. If you’ve got a few lighter serums and gels, these should go well together. When you’re using heavier emollients and creams during the winter months, these should complement each other nicely. Oils, which are popular today, may not go well with either light serums or heavier creams because they could cause separation.

In terms of ingredients, we also want to stick to like with like. Vitamin C blends layers well with glycolic acid. Applying a glycolic product over vitamin C helps drive the absorption of vital ascorbic acid into the skin. Retinol or retinoid blends well with growth factors and peptides, with the latter helps soothe the skin and build collagen while the former supports dermal improvements.

What NOT to Do

One of the first tips that skincare experts offer is to avoid using benzoyl peroxide with just about any anti-aging topical. This is because benzoyl peroxide can deactivate ascorbic acid and neutralize the positive activity of retinol and retinoids. If you use a vitamin C product and have acne-prone skin, trade benzoyl peroxide for a salicylic acid facial wash. This helps prevent inflammation and acne while also preserving the antioxidant activity of vitamin C. Finally, in general, you do not need numerous anti-aging products to manage healthy cell turnover. Even a combination of retinoid, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid can present a risk of flaking and irritation.

Creating Order from Chaos

Building a toolbox of multiple skincare products can end up feeling like chaos when you aren’t sure what to use and how to use it. One of the biggest questions people have is how to apply products in the right order. This can be made easy. Whether applying your daytime products or your nighttime products before bed, apply in the order of lightest to heaviest. When layered properly, each product can be applied directly over others.

During your morning routine, apply your topical antioxidant like vitamin C serum or your anti-inflammatory product. Follow with moisturizer, then sunscreen. Makeup can then be applied.

During your nighttime routine, apply your prescription products first, if you have them. Then lightweight serums or creams, then heavier products, then a moisturizer, if you use one.

Quality skincare is a crucial starting point to healthy, beautiful skin. For assistance choosing the best medical-grade products for your skin, schedule a visit to our Manhattan office at 212.391.8600.

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