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Are You Eating for Two This Summer? Your Skin Will Have Special Needs!

Skin Care Products New York City, NYIf you’re expecting a baby, you’ve got so much to look forward to. You’ve also most likely got a lot on your mind. Between morning sickness and pregnancy brain fog and that growing belly (along with growing excitement), there’s a lot on your plate. We don’t want to add to it. The following tips are suggested to help you breeze through summer with gorgeously glowing (and healthy!) skin.

  • Be extra safe outdoors. Did you know that photosensitivity is one of the side effects of pregnancy? Being photosensitive means that your skin may burn more easily throughout your pregnancy than it did before. Expectant moms should not banish themselves from the beach or other outdoor fun. To protect skin, wear physical sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and, when possible, stay in the shade.
  • Choose products carefully. Expectant mothers may know that they should avoid deli meats and raw fish, but they may not be as aware of potentially harmful chemicals in their beauty products. Ingredients such as aluminum chloride, parabens, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), and formaldehyde should be avoided.
  • Manage pregnancy-related skin conditions with help from your dermatologist. Some of the common medications used to manage acne, such as retinoids, may be risky for pregnant women. Likewise, salicylic acid should be avoided. Alpha-hydroxy acids, on the other hand, can help the mother-to-be manage issues like breakouts and hyperpigmentation. Working with your doctor, you can keep that gorgeous glow all summer long.
  • Drink it up. Because numerous physical changes occur in rapid succession throughout pregnancy, it is possible that your skin may go from oily to dewy to dry as a desert over the course of just a few weeks. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your body is hydrated from the inside and that your skin and your growing baby are getting what they need to thrive. Hydrating with the appropriate amount of water (8 glasses may be only the beginning) keeps skin plump and bright. As a side benefit, water consumption also wards off constipation.

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