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Habits you can Start Today for Better Skin Tomorrow

skin care tips | Laser & MohsSkin care habits have become an important topic of discussion in the past few years. Men, as well as women and teens, are showing much more concern about dermatologic health than ever before. We love speaking with patients about the ways they can address cosmetic and general concerns related to their skin. Here, we want to point out some very easy habits that we can all benefit from – habits that are often overlooked.

The Power of Clean

Clean skin is healthy skin. It’s skin that radiates beauty and vibrancy. Clean skin doesn’t just happen, you have to make it so, which you do by washing off makeup and debris before you go to bed each night. Did you know that certain habits could be counteracting your good habits related to hygiene? One of the primary culprits of inflammation and bacteria on the face is something you may use every day – your cell phone. Whether you talk on your phone only every now and then, or you use it daily, the safest practice is to clean the screen. Not occasionally; daily. It’s easy to do. Just keep a pack of wet eyeglass-cleaning cloths nearby and wipe down your phone.

Another way that bacteria are reaching your skin is through your skin care products. Do you check the expiration dates? You should! They have expiration dates for a reason, just like food products. Over time, bacteria can accumulate in those jars and tubes, so use them up. If you find that you are throwing out more than you’d like, switch to smaller containers of product.

The Power of Nutrition

What you feed your body does it good. This includes your skin. Don’t assume that your skin only benefits from topical solutions. One of the biggest nutrients that it needs to stay clean, healthy, and youthful is water. No special instructions there! Just do your best to consume several glasses a day. Experts recommend to calculate half of your body weight and drink that many ounces each day.

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