VISIA Skin Analysis New York City

VISIA Skin Analysis is a new way to analyze the skin and create an effective skin care plan based on the results.

VISIA Skin Analysis is a comprehensive and precise technology that provides detailed information about your skin profile and its unique composition. By thoroughly evaluating the skin, skin conditions and surface-level problems, such as crow’s feet, wrinkles, and fine lines, can be addressed appropriately by treating the underlying tissue directly.

What are the benefits of VISIA?
Many of our patients in New York choose VISIA to enhance their skin care treatment because of its various benefits. VISIA has the ability to produce sophisticated data and show a multi-dimensional portrait of your skin complexion. Using this vital information, our doctors here at Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York will then design a comprehensive skin care plan.

Furthermore, VISIA Skin Analysis is performed to identify certain skin conditions that may not be noticeable on the surface, yet affect your skin’s overall health and appearance. Once the skin has been analyzed and the appropriate treatment plan has been carried out, your skin care progress will then be easily tracked, documented, and enhanced.

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What does VISIA evaluate?
VISIA Skin Analysis assesses your skin profile, including your wrinkles, age spots and other skin pigmentation problems, and skin pores. It also evaluates other skin issues, such as color variations, hidden skin damage, and bacteria that could accumulate in your pores.

How does a VISIA procedure work?
This skin analysis procedure works by capturing images on every side of your face with the use of various wavelengths. The pictures show different areas where there are particular skin concerns. After the images are taken, the VISIA machine will then provide the patient with recommendations on appropriate skin care practices. Our doctors are responsible for customizing these recommendations depending on your personal preferences and cosmetic goals which will be discussed with you.

VISIA Skin Analysis NYCVISIA Analysis NYC
What happens after my VISIA Skin Analysis?
After VISIA Skin Analysis, you can expect your doctor to create an effective treatment plan for you. Moreover, other medical spa options that can help enhance your skin care program will also be discussed. It is important to share your concerns during your consultation for the doctor to make adjustments to your treatment plan.