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Reinvigorate Skin Now with Microdermabrasion New York – No Downtime!

  • Posted on: Mar 30 2013
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Being one of the most abused parts of human body, skin is subjected to a lot of stresses and harsh elements. Just to name a few, think of solar light, gravity, harmful food and drinks, and even daily stress. So you can just imagine if only all skins in the world could unite together, they would have started a revolution.

The factors that damage your skin are not all self-inflicted (like the natural elements of gravity and sunlight). But still all of these factors would one way or another contribute to the incremental deterioration of your skin appearance – tone and texture included. So if you feel that you have a dull and damaged skin, you don’t have to wallow in self-pity about it.

Rather, you can very well choose to treat your skin issues with a proper cosmetic remedy. Skilled and Experienced Dermatologist Dr. Adelle T. Quintana offers options for your specific skin concern. Microdermabrasion Treatment is the solution to skin problems that involve relatively minor sun damage, mild scars, dark spots, or dull skin tone and texture. Microdermabrasion is actually a skin exfoliation process that resurfaces the skin to eliminate flaws. The New York Dermatologist will look closely on your skin condition – which includes your face, back, chest and arms – to determine if the treatment is most suitable. If not, she will suggest other options.

The reinvigorating effect of Microdermabrasion New York starts with removal (or resurfacing!) of the dead outermost skin layer. In the process, collagen production is stimulated which will gradually leave the skin renewed and refreshed.  Since no anesthesia is required for microdermabrasion, there is no downtime and you don’t need to cover your face with a shawl. This treatment is suitable for both males and females, but may sometimes require periodic treatments to achieve a comprehensive outcome.

If interested with Microdermabrasion, please connect with us at (291) 391-8600 or via this Online Appointment Form.

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