Dermatologist Reviews NYC

Friendly and attentive staff, always make you feel comfortable and the service provided by Dr.Quintana is always top notch.
– AO
Dr. Quintana is lovely and her entire staff are friendly and helpful. The office is clean, spacious, comfortable, and the service is quite remarkable. I got reminder texts and emails and was able to schedule appointments at convenient times. I would highly recommend her and I have no complaints.
– CY
Great experience. Wonderful office and facilities and she listened to my issues and i can’t believe how great my skin looks only 4 weeks later!!
– RC
Great experiece, clean office, personable & helpful doctor.
– KF
Dr. Quintana is very nice and my visit went very smoothly. Excellent office with nice features. The staff is knowledgable and friendly.
– RM
Dr. Quintana was extremely professional and accommodating, as well as her staff. The office is clean and modern, and easily accessible via mass transit. I found her to be very knowledgeable, and I look forward to my return visit in a month as we check the progress of my skin condition.
– MR
I have never gone to a dermatologist before so I didn’t know what to expect, and I’ve been seeing Dr. Quinatana for about a year now. She is nice, friendly (I went last week for a minor problem and had to come back because I didn’t want an ugly bandage on my leg for a wedding I was attending and, when I returned, she asked about the wedding!), knowledgable and efficient. She has a lot of early morning appointments, which is great for professionals, and she doesn’t waste your time with a lot of waiting. Her office is also really nice (they have TVs in all of the rooms!). I would definitely recommend her!
– AM
The staff’s great, and Dr. Quintana really did help my skin clear up a lot!
– HB
Dr Q is great, my visit was easy and painless. She has a great looking office, super clean. I was in and out on my lunch break with no problem.
I’ve been going to Dr. Quintana for about 2 years now. Every experience is better than the previous. She’s an excellent doctor and makes me feel very comfortable in every appointment. She answers all my questions and provides solutions for all my issues. The office is beautiful and she offers everything possible at a dermatologists office. Staff is wonderful too. Every doctors office should be modeled around her practice!
Dr. Quintana and her staff were amazing! Everything about my visit was pleasant and efficient. The staff greeted me as I walked in and offered me an iced coffee while I waited, which wasn’t long. The office itself was clean and the exam room even had it’s own TV! When I received my prescription from Dr. Quintana, I was also provided with numbers to contact if I had any questions or problems with filling it. Highly recommend!
Dr. Quintana is very professional; she makes her patients feel very comfortable. The staff is welcoming and attentive, and the office is spotless! I highly recommend her.
What a pleasure it is to visit Dr Quintana’s office. The staff is efficient,helpful and very knowledgeable. I have never had to wait over 10 minutes without them checking in and give me an update. In these days where most medical offices are like factories, the staff here has a very human element to it!
Dr. Quintana is a great doctor. I had acne for about 10 years and had seen multiple dermatologists but none of them were able to clear it up except Dr. Quintana. I have been seeing her for over a year now and my skin has never been better. She is very nice, professional, knowledgeable, answers all your questions and never makes you feel rushed. Additionally, her offices are clean and in a nice building, and they bring you refreshments while you wait. A pleasant experience
Dr. Quintana is so helpful, sweet and caring. I love the beautiful new office and the staff and customer service is super friendly and impressive. Dr. Quintana answered all of my questions and spent some extra time with me to go over proactive anti aging treatments and care.
Dr. Quintana’s office is friendly and unusually accommodating. The staff offers beverages to customers upon arrival, and I’ve found that wait time is much lower than other NYC doctor’s offices. Dr. Quintana herself is also friendly and willing to take her time to answer any questions. The quality of care is high, and I highly recommend her.
I had a great experience in this office. Normally I have a huge fear of doctors offices (bad experiences in the past) but they didnt make me wait long which is half the battle. The nurses made me feel super relaxed and the doctor was nice and easy about what had to be done. Id highly recommend them.
I was referred to Dr. Quintana more than a year ago. First, the girls in the office are always friendly and attentive and the experience is ALWAYS pleasant. Dr. Quintana is easy to talk to, and listens to you. I went there for several out patient procedures and they were explained clearly and I had great results…I can honestly feel good about recommending Dr. Quintana to anyone….
My husband and I have been going to Dr. Q for 5+ years and she is FABULOUS!!! I go to her not only for my regular checkups but for Peels and Microderm because she and her staff are up to date on all the latest techniques and provide the CONSISTENT care and expertise you cannot find in a Spa or other so called “skin care” centers.
I was referred to Dr. Quintana by my mother (of all people) who has been a patient for many years and she always seemed very happy with the services she received. I have to admit that I was a bit embarrassed that my mom had to give the referral, but my cousin’s wedding was quickly approaching and I had to tackle my adult acne. I was anxious about being the best man and dropping the ball with the outcome of the pictures so I took one for the team and scheduled an appointment. I have been going to the office for a few months now and this is one advice from my mom which I have no complaints. From the time I set foot in the office and interacted with the staff I had a good feeling about my choice of going there. Dr. Quintana has great bedside manner and made me feel comfortable. I saw her over a period of four months and also had a few sessions of microdermabrasion and acleara. The facialist Christina was also very pleasant. I was pleased that my face looked its best when the big day arrived and I have to say that I am proud that I stuck with the regimen. The first few weeks were tough but I have a lot more confidence even now that the wedding is over. I’m looking forward to following up soon.
I have had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Quintana’s office on several occasions. The staff is attentive, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I am always seen on time and I love the text message appointment confirmations.
Dr. Quintana’s office is a joy to visit. The staff is friendly and helpful. The office is clean and chic. Dr. Quintana is smart and strategic. The wait time is always reasonable. In fact, it is often impressively speedy to pop in and out!
I dreaded the removal of a BCC square in the middle of my chin. Dr. Quintana excised the cancer painlessly. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Quintana is very professional, she found the right solution for skin problem I had for years. Atmosphere in her office is very pleasant.
Great service, love the new office space. Highly recommend this doctor!
The office space is lovely. The staff are very helpful & Dr. Quintana is pleasant & thorough. TV in waiting room is genius!
Best dermatologist ever. Wouldn’t go anywhere else in new york city. They did an incredible job with my botox. So much so that I went back for laser hair removal.
Dr. Quintana’s office is clean, friendly, high-tech, and easy to get to! They took me on time and the doctor was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Highly recommended!
Professional, kind and on time. Highly recommended.
After trying almost every acne medication, I thought accutane was my only option. I then met Dr. Quintana. She listened to my concerns and thoroughly examined my skin. She put me on a regimen and although it was not overnight, I can finally say I have great skin. She helped me understand my skin.

As a new patient, I was able to get a ‘same day’ appointment. The staff was very sweet and helpful. You can fill out all of the new patient information before you come in, making your wait time very quick! They offer you drinks and a smile! Very clean office, kind staff, and Dr. Quintana was very efficient and knowledgeable.