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Laser Procedures in New York City

Laser Treatments NYC

Laser Treatmets NYC | Laser Skin Resurfacing Manhattan NY

Over the past decade, advances in laser technology have allowed surgeons and dermatologists to diminish the appearance of scars and wrinkles by using both ablative and nonablative lasers. Until recently, surgeons relied on chemical peels, surgical scar revision, electrosurgical planing, and dermal/subdermal filler substances as their only method for the correction of scars and wrinkles.

At Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, Dr. Quintana specializes in laser treatments for wrinkles, brown spots (age spots), hair removal, skin tightening, leg veins, and more! if you have interested in any of the laser treatments, contact our New York City office today to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Dermatologist.

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“Love this place – clean office, convenient location, and super friendly staff. Quintana is amazing. I have been seeing her for over 5 years. Answers all my questions, is so patient, and has tremendously helped get my acne under control. She is truly one of the best!” – Celestine S.

“We have visited this office now 3 times, and it has been a great experience each time. Everyone at the office is pleasant, everything was explained thoroughly and follow-ups are just as easy. The office makes communicating with them very simple – whether via phone, text, etc. I definitely recommend the office.” – Jennifer M.

“Professional, they are on time little to no wait time at the office . Dr Q is a terrific person aside from being an awesome Physician.” – William H.

TheraClear™ Acne Treatment

TheraClear Acne Therapy NYC | Laser Acne Treatment Manhattan NY

At Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, we offer Theraclear™ Acne Therapy. The Theraclear system™ system utilizes suction technology to clear your pores, while the pulses of light from the laser treat acne breakouts. This acne treatment is painfree and there is no downtime after treatment.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Fractional laser resurfacing is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes CO2 to improve the texture of the skin by reducing the size of pores, lightening brown age spots, and “plumping” the skin by stimulating collagen growth. At Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, this is called the TotalFX™ treatment combining DeepFX™ and ActiveFX™ procedures for total solutions in one treatment with minimal downtime. This laser treatment can be used to treat specific areas of the face including the jawline, eyelids, and around the mouth.

 Laser Skin Resurfacing Before & After NYC

Laser Skin Resurfacing Before & After

Laser Leg Vein Removal

For unsightly blue, purple, or red spider veins, we utilize our Lumenis Nd:YAG laser to safely and effectively treat leg veins. This laser allows Dr. Quintana to precisely target the vein without harming nearby tissue. Unlike sclerotherapy, with laser vein removal, we can remove numerous vein areas at one time without any injections.

Laser Leg Vein Removal NYC | Laser Vein Removal Manhattan NY


Photorejuvenation is a no downtime, minimal discomfort treatment for vascular redness, rosacea, brown spots, and sun damage. Photorejuvenation is also beneficial for those with wrinkles, blotchy skin color, and enlarged pores.

Acne Scar Removal

We offer laser treatment for acne scars which can greatly improve the appearance of scars using a pulse-dye laser system or green light laser. This treatment works by resurfacing the skin affected by the scar. Since we can not completely remove the scar tissue, our goal is to make the scar fade enough so that it is hardly visible. Check out our current special for acne scar treatment! 

Skin Enhancement with M22 IPL Laser

If you are looking for a treatment that can help a variety of skin concerns, our M22 IPL laser is extremely effective. The IPL mode uses a cooling system to keep patients comfortable and the ResurFX mode stimulates collagen below the skin’s surface to improve the skin’s tone and texture. The Nd:YAG mode uses energy pulses for lesions, veins, and wrinkles. Unlike any other laser, the M22 IPL Laser allows patients the ability to tailor their treatment.

ResurFX Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing with ResurFX is safe, painless, and non-ablative. This treatment is extremely effective in helping with a variety of skin conditions. ResurFX can be used in combination with dermal fillers and Botox for more enhanced results.

Wrinkle & Sun Damage Removal

For wrinkles and sun damage, our Gemini Laser delivers energy through its high precision beams to targeted areas. The wavelength of the device to treat deeper into the dermis for collagen contraction and stimulation.
Wrinkle Removal NYC | Laser Wrinkle Treatment Manhattan NY

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