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Over the past decade, advances in laser technology have allowed cosmetic surgeons to diminish the appearance of scars and wrinkles in New York by using both ablative and nonablative lasers. Until recently, surgeons relied on chemical peeling, dermabrasion, surgical scar revision, electrosurgical planing, and dermal/subdermal filler substances as their only method for the correction of scars and wrinkles.

At Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, we offer laser treatments for wrinkles, telangiectasias, brown spots (age spots), hair removal, skin tightening, and leg veins.

Our Lasers

The Fractionated CO2 (also known as Total FX Treatment) Laser is the newest treatment modality for rejuvenating the skin, building collagen, and reducing wrinkles and scars. This laser can be used to treat specific areas of the face including the jaw line, eyelids, and around the mouth. Used over the entire face, it improves the texture of the skin by reducing the size of pores, lightening brown age spots, and “plumping” the skin by stimulating collagen growth. Around the upper eyelids, it can remove loose skin and on the lower lids, fat pads are eliminated without cutting and suturing. The laser focuses energy in a series of columns, preserving surrounding tissue, to promote healing and stimulation of the formation of collagen. Typically, there is redness and flaking (much like a sunburn) lasting approximately one week. The effects of this procedure are seen over the next six months as the formatic collagen is stimulated.

The NEW High Speed LightSheer Duet Laser with innovative vacuum-assist technology has a dramatically increased spot size of 22 mm x 35 mm, the largest of any diode laser. Larger spot size enables greater depth of penetration, for improved absorption of energy at the target follicle. This improved laser allows for larger areas such as backs and legs to be treated in about 15-20 minutes. Its technology enhances light absorption and improves treatment comfort.

The Gemini Laser uses two distinct laser wavelengths in a non-invasive treatment modality for both large and small areas. Because of its peak power, this laser has reduced treatment times for procedures by 50% over older laser machines. It is particularly beneficial for skin rejuvenation, removal of sun spots on the face, neck, and hands, correction of pigmented irregularities, and stimulation of collagen growth. It is also employed for hair removal, acne and leg veins, and a number of vascular conditions such as angiomas, facial veins, rosacea, and port wine stains respond well to this treatment.

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