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Skin Resurfacing New York City

What is Skin Resurfacing?

If you’ve become dissatisfied with the appearance and texture of the skin on your face, hands and other areas of the body, Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York is excited to offer a new treatment option just for you.

The ResurFX system is one of the most effective laser skin resurfacing treatments on the market today. It is a safe, painless, and non-ablative fractional laser treatment that is proven to offer beautiful results for both the face and body.

What skin conditions does ResurFX correct?

ResurFx is an extremely effective method of treating a variety of skin conditions. If you have noticed hyperpigmentation of your skin, have an uneven skin tone, age spots, acne scars, or wrinkles – ResurFX can help improve the tone, texture, and appearance of your skin.Unlike many other systems, ResurFX can be used in combination with dermal fillers and neurotoxins such as Botox. This can enhance your results even further than treatment with ResurFX alone.

How does ResurFX work?

ResurFx is what is called a “non-ablative” laser, meaning that it stimulates the growth of collagen in your skin without actually disturbing your skin. When collagen is boosted, your skin begins to plump, look smoother, more even and younger. The laser used works by sending tiny beams of light into your skin and below the surface. ResurFX is somewhat unique in that your provider will only have to pass the laser device over your skin one time. This means you’ll receive faster treatment and less disruption to your tissues.

ResurFX Treatment

If you are concerned about pain during your laser resurfacing treatment, your Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York physician can provide a topical anesthetic to make you more comfortable during treatment. However, most patients report a pain-free experience with ResurFX treatment. The laser uses a cooling technology to ensure that your skin is not burned, or overheated in any way.

How long is treatment?

Each treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the size of the area you would like to treat.

How many treatments will I need?

While you should notice some results after just one treatment with ResurFX, your physician is likely to recommend multiple treatments over a series of weeks or months in order to achieve optimal results.

ResurFX Recovery

One of the many advantages to the ResurFX system is that you can return to work, school or other regular activities immediately after treatment. You may experience some redness or swelling for up to a week after treatment, however, these side effects should go away on their own, without additional treatment.

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