Mohs Surgery New York City

Mohs Surgery New York City


Mohs Micrographic Surgery is an advanced treatment for skin cancer that offers the highest possible cure rate for many skin cancers and simultaneously minimizes the sacrifice of normal tissue. This cutting-edge treatment requires highly specialized physicians such as Dr. Quintana that serve as surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon.

The microscopic analysis of resected tissue allows the surgeon to track the removal of the cancer and ensure the complete elimination of all tumor roots. As tumors often extend below intact normal skin (like the roots of a tree) this procedure allows the surgeon to see beyond the visible tumor to ensure its complete removal.

The cure rates for Mohs Micrographic Surgery approach 99% for most primary (untreated) cancers with a slightly lower cure rate for secondary or recurrent (previously treated) cancers. This highly specialized procedure preserves the greatest amount of normal tissue and provides the foundation for the best skin reconstructions while limiting scarring or permanent disfigurement.

Mohs micrographic surgery is the most effective method known for the removal of non-melanotic skin cancer (basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, sebaceous carcinoma, Extramammary Paget’s disease, Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, etc.) throughout the world.

At Laser & Mohs Dermatology of New York, we have a state-of-the-art Mohs laboratory. Together with Dr. Quintana’s years of experience as a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, our commitment to your skin health is unparalleled.

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