Radiesse® Treatment New York City

If you’ve been searching for a safe, effective and long-lasting cosmetic enhancement, Laser & Mohs Surgery Of New York is pleased to offer Radiesse, for treatment of wrinkles and facial contouring.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is an entirely safe biocompatible substance that utilizes your body’s natural abilities to add volume and shape to your face, defying wrinkles and producing collagen at the injection site. Additionally, Radiesse® continues to keep working long after the initial treatment.

Radiesse in New York, NY | Before & Afters

Where can Radiesse® be used?

At Laser & Mohs Surgery Of New York, we use Radiesse® to help you with a wide range of wrinkle correction and facial cosmetic enhancements, which include:

  • Nasal Defect Correction
  • Bridge Augmentation
  • Hand Rejuvenation

Radiesse in New York, NY | Before & After

Using Radiesse®, we can develop and reshape the bridge of your nose or straighten your nasal profile. Radiesse® can also help you to restore lost fat from cheekbones and give back the cheeks you lost. Your cheeks will once again have their youthful sheen and luster. And with Radiesse® they’ll stay that way. The result is a stronger and more elegantly incorporated chin that blends in perfectly to give you a more youthful appearance.

Radiesse can also be used to augment your current chin and jawline. The result is a stronger and more elegantly incorporated chin that blends in perfectly to give you a more youthful appearance.

Radiesse in New York, NY | Before & After

Radiesse® for Hands

There are many patients who wonder how to get rid of wrinkles in their hands and how to make them look younger and more youthful. Radiesse dermal filler can help to improve the issues you have with your hands. When you get Radiesse for your hands, not only does it remove wrinkles but it also helps to:

  • Restore lost volume
  • Minimize the visibility of veins and tendons
  • Provide the patient with smooth natural results

The process to get Radiesse in your hands is quick and we can perform the treatment in-office. Results for Radiesse in the hands can last up to a year.

How does Radiesse® work?

Radiesse® has also been proven to stimulate your body’s natural collagen growth. It is not like other fillers that are made from animal – derived fillers but works with your body. Radiesse® also boasts instant results that can last up to one year in some patients.

What can I expect after a Radiesse® treatment?

Dr. Quintana and staff will inform you about the possible side effects, and what you need to do after a treatment with Radiesse®, but you may see some mild swelling, redness, or bruising. Generally speaking, there is usually minimal down time and patients can return to work immediately.

Dr. Quintana can help you decide if Botox or any of the following anti-wrinkle procedures are right for you:

Botox and Xeomin

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