Hair Removal New York City

Are you looking for high-quality laser hair removal in NYC?

For some, having an excess of body hair, or hair in undesirable places, can damage our confidence, making life difficult and public appearances embarrassing. There are many perfectly natural reasons why body and facial hair grows the way it does, and where it does, but luckily, a visit to our spa can help eliminate this problem from your life – forever.

Depending on your skin type and health status, laser hair removal treatments can be extremely beneficial. The elimination of unwanted hair can take up to six sessions, with intervals of up to a few months between each session. When you visit us for laser hair removal in New York City, we harness state of the art laser technology. Depending on the areas that are treated, sessions can last from a few minutes up to one hour. We can effectively treat the following areas with laser hair removal:

  • Arms
  • Underarms
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Bikini area
  • Face
  • Legs

Laser hair removal works by impairing the growth capacity of hair follicles during the active growth phase. Since it only works during this active growth phase, several treatments, every few weeks may be necessary to achieve desired results.

  • Results last between 6 and 12 months, before follow up treatment is needed to maintain results of your laser hair removal in New York City.
  • You may experience a slight tingling sensation during the treatment.
  • Treatments generally take between 5 and 30 minutes, depending on specifics of treatment.
  • Most patients experience considerable hair reduction after 4 to 7 treatments.
  • Factors like hair density, hormone fluctuation and age can affect results.


You will have an initial consultation, during which we will discuss your eligibility, how the treatment works, and schedule a treatment time. After arriving for your appointment, we will clean the area to be treated, apply a topical anesthetic, and give you safety glasses or eye shields to place over your eyes.

Once we have prepared you for your laser hair removal in New York City, we will remove the anesthetic and apply a clear gel to the skin, which helps the chilled laser hand piece glide. The hand piece will be moved across the treatment area in an even pattern for one or more passes to achieve even coverage as the laser energy is delivered.

After treatment your skin may appear flushed and/or swollen. This will usually subside after a few hours or days, depending on the intensity of treatment. Even if treated hair appears unchanged, it is now lifeless and will fall out over time. Lastly, you should take care to limit sun exposure and work with your doctor for post treatment care.

How safe is laser hair removal in New York City?

Since 1989, IRIDEX has been a leader in medical precision laser technology, with a track record of developing exceptionally safe and effective systems. All treatments have been carefully researched and FDA cleared. However, like any medical procedure, there are risks that you should discuss with your doctor prior to treatment.

Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll recommend a customized plan for your excess hair removal.  CONTACT US today for more information, or BOOK A CONSULTATION online. We look forward to meeting with you and starting your plan for permanent, effective and relatively pain-free laser hair removal in New York City.

Laser hair removal in New York City