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Let’s Talk Lips: Summertime Lip Care

Aesthetics Procedures NYCBy now, you’ve hopefully spent a few days exclusively enjoying some gorgeous summertime weather. Whether your outdoor fun has taken place close to home or you’re looking forward to a faraway vacation, we hope that sun care has been one of your priorities. The heat of summer may be welcoming, but the exposure to UV light presents a number of concerns. You may have a well-established skincare routine in which you apply sunscreen to your face, ears, shoulders, even the backs of your hands. Our question is, are your lips covered?

The lips are a highly sensitive are, vulnerable to the same damage that can affect the skin elsewhere on the face and body. Here, we offer a few suggestions that will help you protect your lips from premature aging and skin cancer.

Moisturize Daily

Just because the weather has warmed up doesn’t mean that lips can get by without adequate moisturizing. If neglected, the lips can become chapped quickly. Fortunately, it’s easy to pamper the lips with an appropriate conditioner, salve, or lip balm. Keep in mind that all lip products are not created equal. Some of the key ingredients that experts recommend to look for include coconut oil, vitamin E, beeswax, honey, and rosehip seed oil. Will you find all of these ingredients in one lip balm? Probably not, but one is better than none.

Exfoliate Weekly

The skin all over the body responds well to gentle exfoliation performed periodically. Skin cells naturally degrade and die off over time. When they do, they are supposed to fall away from the surface. This doesn’t always happen. In fact, a fair amount of buildup usually occurs. That’s why it is essential to exfoliate your skin, even your lips. You needn’t invest in anything special to accomplish a good lip scrub; many people get excellent results with a homemade sugar scrub. However, professional products containing nut oils and essential oils can feel extra luxurious.

Protect as Needed

When is the skin not in need of protection from the sun’s rays? The lips may be even more susceptible to sun damage because this skin contains no melanin, which means it is easier to burn. Many lip balms contain SPF 15 or higher, which should be sufficient even for a full day out in the sunshine. Just remember to reapply as needed to maintain coverage.

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