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Let’s Talk Lips: Summertime Lip Care

By now, you’ve hopefully spent a few days exclusively enjoying some gorgeous summertime weather. Whether your outdoor fun has taken place close to home or you’re looking forward to a faraway vacation, we hope that sun care has been one of your priorities. The heat of summer may be welcoming, but the exposure to UV… Read More »

Is Your Age Being Divulged?

We women are not too fond of having to divulge our secrets. Historically, age has been one of those little details that we prefer to keep to ourselves. Today, we are seeing almost as many men as women take measures to maintain an appearance of youth. Of course, we all know that it’s not possible… Read More »

Is Your Sunscreen Serving You?

Summertime is pretty much here, and that means we need to be reminded about the importance of sunscreen use. The number of cases of preventable skin cancers has risen year after year, and 1 in 5 people are now at risk of this serious disease. Did you catch the key word in that statement? Skin… Read More »

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