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Why Men are Getting in on the Dermal Filler Game

Aethsetic Procedures, NYMen have only recently become vocal about their cosmetic concerns, but we suspect that this is not a reflection of their wishes being new. Many men throughout history could be used as examples of the way men have desired to look. Like women, some of the so-called beauty trends among men have changed with the times. At this point, we are able to meet the differing needs of men and women using the same solutions. Often, the solution is found in a syringe.

If you are frustrated by the way that aging has changed the overall structure of your face, you may be pleased to know that your concerns may be resolved in less than an hour. In our Manhattan office, we routinely use dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and replenish volume as fatty tissue deteriorates with age. For men, dermal fillers can do even more.

The Injection Strategy for Men

Men have different tissue characteristics than women. In general, the goals that men have for their appearance are also quite a bit different than their female counterparts. As a man ages, he is likely to notice deepening forehead creases referred to as worry lines. UV exposure can cause numerous fine lines to develop on various parts of the face, and the depletion of fatty deposits in the cheeks could make the face appear gaunt. Tissue changes are also the cause of jowls that soften a man’s jawline.

An experienced provider will perform injections differently on men based on their unique facial anatomy. The type of filler may also differ from one person to another based on skin thickness. When treating men, our objective is to help them retain or restore the sharp masculine features they want.

Fillers for Chin Enhancement

The chin is a focal point on every face. In general, men express a desire to have a strong chin. Because many men have what would be described as a strong or prominent nose, it is important to address the chin to achieve ideal proportions. For the man who wants to enhance the projection or shape of his chin, fillers provide an alternative to invasive chin augmentation surgery.

From worry lines to crow’s feet to frown lines and jowls, men of all ages can find solutions to their cosmetic concerns in our cosmetic dermatology office. To schedule a consultation, call 212.391.8600.

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