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BOTOX Continues to be the Trend in Anti-Aging

BOTOX Continues to be the Trend in Anti-Aging | New York City, NYBOTOX has been one of the greatest advances in cosmetic medicine we have ever seen. Even since its first release, BOTOX continues to perform at such high levels of safety and efficacy. Men and women of all ages seek treatment as needed to manage their appearance. In fact, this wrinkle-reducing treatment is continually surprising us with just how much it can do.

The Millennial Trend

One of the new tidbits of information about BOTOX is that this wonder-drug has become incredibly popular among millennials; young adults in their twenties and thirties who want to postpone the onset of facial aging. We could accredit this new trend to celebs like the Kardashians, or even to women like Jane Fonda, who seem to avoid the consequences of aging with personalized treatments. Regardless of who gets credit, or why any particular person may be interested in BOTOX treatments, the earlier use of anti-aging techniques seems to be here to stay.

The Brotox Trend

Several years ago, it became apparent that men were just as interested in managing their appearance as the women who were routinely seeing dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. The term Brotox became nearly as common as BOTOX itself, and this trend also continues to climb. At this point, some practices report that as many as half of their BOTOX patients are men, and this minimally-invasive technique also seems to be paving the way for men to obtain other treatments, ranging from laser skin resurfacing to Kybella to neck and face lifts.

BOTOX: Always on Trend

Across the board, the statistics on BOTOX treatments continue to rise among men and women of all ages. What is the easier way there to lift a sagging brow, reduce crow’s feet and other wrinkles, and restore an upward turn to the corners of the mouth? When anti-aging is as simple as a short office visit every few months, it’s hard to deny ourselves the opportunity to look and feel better, regardless of age.

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