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Botox May Do More Than Smooth Away Wrinkles

Botox , NYBotox has been around for so long now that it would be easy to think we know everything there is to know about the cosmetic injectable. This FDA-approved drug was one of the first injectables to become available. In the 10-plus years, doctors have been using Botox, its capabilities have expanded. First, we injected the drug into frown lines. Then we started using it at the corners of the eyes to reduce crow’s feet. Then the Botox brow lift became possible. Botox is even used to reduce hyperhidrosis and to minimize tension headaches. Could there really be more? According to a new study, the answer is yes.

Something New to Appreciate about Botox

A recent small-scale study conducted by Canadian doctors has suggested that there may be more behind the power of Botox than we had previously known. Historically, this neuromodulator has been recognized for its inhibition of muscle contractions. We inject Botox into the muscles along the brow line to decrease their downward pull. The effects are temporary but sufficient for noticeable wrinkle reduction. This Canadian study sought to observe the effect that Botox may have on the elasticity of the skin.

To measure effects, researchers used an instrument called a Cutometer. This tool measured how well skin would bounce back after stretching. Baseline readings were obtained on 43 women, none of whom had ever had Botox before. Subsequent readings were obtained in the weeks that followed each woman’s treatment. Through the course of multiple readings, researchers found that elasticity, the skin’s ability to retract, improved up to 30 percent. Increased elasticity was measured as long as 4 months after treatment.

Is This Significant?

The fact that Botox can boost elasticity is something to cheer about. Researchers believe that it is, in part, the increase in tissue resilience that provides skin-smoothing effects. Additionally, improved elasticity contributes to a decrease in new wrinkle formation. From this perspective, we can observe that Botox treatment has both corrective and preventative powers for adults of all ages.

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