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Botox: What Time is the Right Time?

Botox Treatment | NYCAging is not something any one of us can avoid; and yet, we try in our ways. Some people eat well and exercise to keep the body in good condition. Some people try to go with the flow, only to have a near meltdown when their eyebrows drop and their skin starts to sag. We understand! Aging is a very slippery slope. Fortunately, there are several ways to move through life without the steep aesthetic consequences it may bring.

The question that many people have today is not whether or not to try injectables like Botox, but when. This FDA-approved drug, based on botulinum toxin type A, corrects many of the signs of facial aging by targeting the underlying facial muscles that contract and stay contracted due to frequent usage. Just one session with an experienced injector and a patient can gain months of youthfulness regarding appearance.

Because Botox is a cosmetic treatment that originally developed to reduce the appearance of frown lines and other dynamic wrinkles, there is a misconception about timing. Only recently are we seeing a new trend, Botox for young adults? Some patients are seeking treatment as soon as they are 18; a gift to themselves: preventive care. Ah! Genius!

While getting Botox injections at the ripe age of 18 may just be taking the anti-aging game a little to the extreme, some experts say there is value in obtaining treatment as soon as the skin starts to age. This may be 24 for one person and 34 for another. This is the beauty of treatments like this: it’s all up to you when to start. The advantage to introducing Botox into the skin care routine earlier is simple; dynamic wrinkles do not “take hold” as strongly or as early in life as they may without the muscle-relaxing treatment. Also, when you start earlier, you can typically achieve the desired result with less product.

There is no hard and fast rule related to Botox treatment – except for one: obtain treatment from an experienced injector. The benefits of treatment stem not only from the action of the solution itself but also (largely) from appropriate use.

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