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Dermal Fillers: How Much is Enough?

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2019
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Thousands upon thousands of people visit their local dermatologist or medspa each year to get a little help with fine lines and wrinkles. This help often comes in the form of dermal fillers, products that are formulated to plump the skin using biocompatible substances like hyaluronic acid. Because the use of dermal fillers has become so common, the depth of communication between provider and patient may be diminishing. Patients may tell their injector something like “I want Kylie lips,” not realizing themselves even what this really means. For example, how much filler might it actually take to achieve this? We want to discuss that here.

If you’re new to the dermal filler arena, you are in an excellent position to get the results you want by asking the right questions. First, it is beneficial to ask yourself what you wish to achieve, down to the slightest detail. Do you want a more contoured Cupid’s Bow? Do you wish for your cheekbones to look sculpted and high? Are there undereye bags to contend with? Once you are clear about your desired outcome, you are able to communicate well with your selected dermal filler provider. With clarity, your provider can then do a better job at estimating how much filler may be needed to give you the look you want.

Contributing Factors to Filler Treatment

  • Every person’s skin and subcutaneous tissue is unique. Some people may respond very well to a single syringe of filler while others may need 2 or more to achieve their desired outcome.
  • More filler is needed when there is very little fatty tissue on the face, such as when a person is very thin.
  • More filler is needed for older patients, generally, because a greater extent of facial atrophy (including bone and fatty tissue) has occurred.
  • More filler is needed when the skin is very thin or loose.

Expectations are Everything

When considering what you want to achieve, it is necessary to explore whether dermal filler treatment is the best way to get there. Know that:

  • Dermal fillers are designed for subtle rejuvenating effects. You will not look 10 years younger from dermal fillers.
  • The purpose of dermal filler treatment is to smooth and plump the skin, not to correct sagginess or crepe-paper thinness.
  • You cannot expect to get the same results that a friend or coworker has obtained with the same amount of filler or the same longevity of benefits. Every person’s body responds to and metabolizes filler differently. On average, fillers last between 12 and 24 months.

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