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Are You Dreaming of Fuller Lips?

Lip Injections | Laser and Mohs Dermatology | New York, NYIn recent years, we have seen an enormous shift in the way that we age and in the way that we manage our image. Gone are the days of overly-tightened, face-lifted skin. While there continues to be a good reason for cosmetic surgery, it seems that a larger number of people are addressing cosmetic concerns with non-surgical treatments these days. Dermal fillers are a prime example. We use dermal fillers on a routine basis for everything from cheek-plumping to line-smoothing. Here, we want to touch on a few things you need to know if you consider dermal filler treatment as a way to get the lush, full lips you’ve been craving.

Lip Injections: Details You Need to Know

  • Lip injections aren’t the same in every office. There are numerous options for treating the lips, and an experienced injector chooses products based on their trust in a particular filler to achieve the desired result. Sometimes, a combination of injectables is best to bring out the best shape and fullness.
  • Ditch the pictures. It is common for patients to bring images into the office to demonstrate what they’re looking for. This can be helpful, but injectors cannot use pictures as a model that they must replicate. Our goal in treating you is to bring out your best look.
  • We don’t just look at your lips; we look at your entire face. The lips are just one feature on your face. By enhancing them, the outcome should improve the harmony between your lips and the rest of your face.
  • Don’t be fake! Many people turn to dermal fillers for fuller lips but hesitate because they think their lips may not feel natural after treatment. The truth is that products have been developed specifically for the lips so they can retain their natural softness. Lip fillers are made with smaller hyaluronic acid particles, so they disperse smoothly and subtly.
  • You don’t have to commit if you don’t like the results. Lip augmentation sounds good but may lead to surprise if you’re not in love with the additional fullness you’ve gained. Don’t worry. It is easy to degrade hyaluronic acid fillers using hyaluronidase, an enzyme that an experienced injector can inject through the same technique as fillers.

When it comes to lip augmentation with dermal fillers, you should consider just about every detail. To learn more, or to schedule your treatment, call our Midtown Manhattan office at 212-391-8600.

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