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Let’s Talk Lips: Your Filler Questions Answered

 Injection Therapies NYCThere is no denying that we have become somewhat obsessed with lips lately. From Angelina to Kylie, great lips have become trendsetters in their own right. Those who were not gifted full, voluptuous lips by Mother Nature don’t have to miss out on this trend thanks to the innovative use of dermal fillers. Here, we address a few of the common questions that patients have about this treatment.

What is the best filler for lip enhancement?

Since the development of dermal fillers, this area of aesthetic medicine has continued to evolve. Now, it may seem that we have more filler products than we could possibly need. That’s not the case. The reason why there are so many fillers is that there are unique concerns that affect different parts of the face. It is not possible to say that there is a best filler for lip enhancement. Common options include Juvéderm, Restylane, and Volbella (a Juvéderm product).

Does it hurt to get lip injections?

The lips are quite sensitive to the touch. However, most patients who get lip injections have minimal discomfort. Many of the dermal fillers that have been developed recently contain a mild numbing medication to desensitize the lips quickly. When lip injections are administered, a slight pinch and sting may be felt but usually nothing more. We understand that comfort should be prioritized and are happy to discuss additional methods of pain management before treatment.

Tips for Successful Lip Enhancement with Dermal Fillers

  • Take a break from alcohol beginning several days before your treatment and continue for at least one day after lip enhancement. Alcohol increases inflammation and can thin the blood, which means more bleeding and swelling.
  • Skip out on that session with your personal trainer the day of treatment. A day or two away from the gym won’t hurt your body and it will help your results of lip enhancement settle in nicely without excessive swelling.
  • Avoid massaging your lips! It can be tempting to try and rub filler into place when lips feel firm and look slightly bumpy. This doesn’t always happen but it could. If you massage an area treated with fillers, you are moving the product around after your doctor has inserted it just where it needs to be.

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