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Volbella is a New Kid You Want to Make Friends With

Aesthetics Procedures New York City, NYBecause we have witnessed so much expansion in the development and use of dermal fillers, it might seem as though we’ve got all the products we could possibly need. However, new and improved soft-tissue fillers continue to emerge. Not only that, they continue to impress. Here, we offer a few of the reasons why you might want to make Volbella® one of your cosmetic BFFs.

What is Volbella?

Volbella is a new hyaluronic acid filler in the Juvéderm product family. The FDA has approved this injectable specifically for lip enhancement and the reduction of lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Like the other hyaluronic acid fillers used today, Volbella is structured around finite sugar molecules that interact with water in the body to add subtle plumpness where it is needed.

Five Details about Volbella

  1. Volbella is made using the innovative Vycross technology found in most Juvéderm products. The unique linking of hyaluronic acid strands enhances the longevity of the filler beneath the skin. This is ideal for lip enhancement because the lips move frequently compared to other areas of the face.
  2. Lip smoothing is Volbella’s superpower. This product is particularly beneficial for the correction of lip deflation associated with aging. Because the consistency of this hyaluronic acid filler is so light, it can be inserted just under the surface of the skin, where fine lines are located.
  3. Lip lines can be decreased with Volbella. Again, the ultra-fine lines that appear around the lips originate in very superficial tissue. Being smooth and light in viscosity, Volbella is well-suited to smoothing this area.
  4. Local anesthetic makes treatment comfortable. Many people are interested in trying dermal fillers for lip enhancement but hesitate due to the perception of pain. Volbella contains numbing medication that vastly improves comfort during treatment.
  5. The bond between water molecules and the hyaluronic acid in Volbella is strong but subtle. Lips will look like lips. No overfilling here. Also, lips treated with Volbella continue to feel soft and supple, not firm with heavy substance.

Head through summer with gorgeous lips thanks to Volbella. To learn more about this treatment, call our Midtown Manhattan office at (212) 391-8600.

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