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All You Want to Know about Laser Hair Removal Treatment

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2020
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Laser hair removal offers significant benefits, from saving time and money to preventing uncomfortable ingrown hairs and razor burn. No wonder this treatment is one of the most popular ways of getting rid of unwanted hair on the face, head, and body. Laser technology is routinely used to reveal smooth, hair-free skin on areas like the shoulders, back, arms, legs, bikini area, even the feet! To achieve lasting results, it is necessary to have a series of treatments performed at intervals of about 8 weeks. The number of sessions a person may need depends on their hair, skin, and response to this technology. Often, excellent hair reduction is achieved in fewer than 10 sessions. Each session is the same. Here, we discuss everything you can expect before, during, and after your laser hair removal sessions.

Before Laser Hair Removal

Before you begin your laser hair removal sessions, you may need to stop a few things. Sun exposure is a no-no before laser treatments because laser light creates heat in the deeper layers of the skin. So does sun exposure (indoor tanning counts, too). With all that heat, the side effects of laser treatment may be worse than they have to be. Also, for laser hair removal to work at maximum efficiency, there needs to be as much contrast between the hair and skin as possible. Having tanned skin at the time of treatment could diminish the effects of the laser.

The day before having laser hair removal, you should shave the treatment area. This will occur before each treatment because some hair may grow back in between sessions. Shaving ensures that there is hair in the follicles but not so much that excessive heat will be passed through strands of hair. For your appointment, we suggest wearing comfortable, loose clothing. This will allow your skin to breathe and release heat after your session.

During Your Appointment

Before your laser treatment begins, you may undress to some extent. Your provider will cover you with a sheet or robe as needed to ensure your comfort. You will also be given special goggles to protect your eyes from the intense laser light. Laser hair removal is conducted through a small handpiece. This “stamps” the skin. With each contact, laser light is passed into multiple hair follicles simultaneously. The appointment can last approximately one hour for larger areas like the back or the legs. Smaller areas may be done in about half an hour.

After Laser Hair Removal

Right after the laser treatment is complete and for a few hours afterward, the skin may look slightly red. This should not be extreme. You may be able to resume normal activities with just a few restrictions about avoiding heat and sun. Sometimes, the skin looks a little puffy or swollen, like it would if you had a significant sunburn. It is common for the skin to feel tingly or for there to be a warm, stinging sensation for a short while. This can be reduced by applying cold compresses if needed.

The laser hair removal process begins to achieve visible results after the very first appointment. By the end of the series of visits, hair growth is significantly reduced. To schedule your visit to our Manhattan office, call 212.391.8600.

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