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Fractional Laser Treatment New York: Is It Real Deal?

  • Posted on: Jan 8 2013
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It is a cold reality that you cannot remain to have flawless skin all your life. You are not, after all, a barbie doll. This is true even to your admired movie actors and actresses. As you grow and age, you are bound to accumulate some pimples, wrinkles and scars. You are expected to experience having some dark spots, uneven tone, and other types of blemishes in your skin. Some of these skin imperfections will eventually fade in time, while some will linger on and provide a reminder that indeed you are not a barbie doll.

But there’s no point being miserable about it. It is what you do right now that will guide the course of your present skin condition. In New York, Laser & Mohs Surgery has an advanced laser procedure intended to remove almost all types of unwanted skin imperfections. The procedure is called TotalFX, which utilizes a fractional laser treatment technique, and is capable of eliminating brown spots, fine lines, acne scars, and deep wrinkles. A non-invasive procedure, TotalFX is a combination of laser treatments that can dramatically improve your skin condition with minimum downtime in one single treatment. Too good to be true and possible, eh?

It is indeed a very impressive procedure, but TotalFX for Total Solutions has been proven safe and effective by hundreds of patients. A single TotalFX treatment is considered equivalent to 4-6 fraxel laser treatments. TotalFX’s fractional resurfacing technique is perhaps the key element: only a fraction of the skin is targeted and treated, thus healing process is hastened to enable you to go back to normal activities quickly. The fractional technique also encourages natural production of collagen cells, which paves the way for a skin that is more vibrant and youthful.

At Laser & Mohs Surgery Clinic, you will be carefully examined whether you are eligible for this procedure or not. If eligible for treatment, you will be guided accordingly as to procedural steps from pre-operation to recovery stages.

Interested to know more if TotalFX is a real deal for you? If yes, connect with us at (291) 391-8600 or via this Online Appointment Form.

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