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Thinking about Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment? You Want to Know These Tips!

CO2 Laser Treatment | New York City, NYOur TotalFX fractional laser resurfacing treatment is beneficial for patients wanting to either preserve the appearance of their skin or to restore it. The two-part process takes only about 30 minutes in the office. However, patients should expect to invest time into preparation and recovery. Here, we want to discuss how to maximize the resurfacing experience with a few simple steps.

Preparations for Treatment

Before the day of your laser resurfacing treatment, you will want to:

  • Have prescriptions filled? If prescription pain medication is called into your pharmacy, do not wait until the day of treatment to pick it up. In fact, we may advise you to begin taking medication the day before your appointment.
  • Purchase supplies for your home recovery. While picking up your prescriptions, you may also want to stock up on the supplies you will need after treatment. These include appropriate moisturizers like Aquaphor and a cleanser such as Cetaphil. We are happy to recommend products that will support recovery and supply our patients with a detailed supply list for aftercare.
  • Arrange reliable transportation. Whether or not a sedative is administered for your treatment, you may simply feel better having a trusted friend or family member with you for the drive to and from our office.

Smooth Sailing Through Recovery

After laser resurfacing, the skin will be red and in need of specific care.

  • Wait 24 hours to shower.
  • Expect several days for recovery. During this time, oozing may occur.
  • Sleep with an extra pillow to reduce post-treatment swelling.
  • The healing process often causes itching that may be mild to intense. This can be managed with an oral antihistamine.
  • Be vigilant about cleansing the skin several times a day. Moisture is also a must. Aquaphor or another moisturizing cream will need to be often applied.
  • Do not pick or pull away any pieces of skin that peel. Let all skin fall off naturally.
  • Aquaphor in your hair? Dry shampoo can be your best friend! Just be sure to cover your face with a cloth before spraying and massaging into the roots of your hair.

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