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Tis the Season for Laser Hair Removal! Here’s What the Pros Want You to Know.

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2019
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For you, the client, laser hair removal holds a great deal of mystery. How do those hairs just vaporize into thin air? What needs to be done to make the most of any given laser hair removal treatment? And what about mishaps in the private areas of the body? Can they happen? For you, the details of laser hair removal may be intimidating. For the Pro, these are all things they face regularly. Here’s what they want you to know about your impending treatment.

  • Laser hair removal is more like laser hair reduction. Going into this treatment, it is necessary to know that you probably won’t ever have to pick up your razor again, but that some hairs could very likely grow back over time.
  • Treatment is not a walk in the park. At first, laser hair removal can be a little uncomfortable. Different parts of the body may be more sensitive than others and will feel more zings and zaps as the heat gets dispersed through hair follicles. Also, some women notice that they are more sensitive around the time of menstruation. Schedule like a pro to avoid unnecessary discomfort.
  • You’ll want to shave before treatments. Shaving shortens the pathway through which laser energy has to travel. Shaving removes hair above the surface so it doesn’t need to be zapped away. Trust the pros, you want to shave about 24 hours before treatment. Otherwise, there will be more discomfort.
  • Private parts are not off-limits for laser hair removal. Trust that a trained professional can conduct treatment in a way that steers clear of delicate tissue. Also, trust that a little laser contact with these areas is unlikely to cause damage. That is unless an untrained provider sets the device too high or moves too slowly across them. Tip: see a board-certified professional for laser hair removal.
  • About those private parts. The idea of not having hair in intimate areas can be appealing. What may not feel appealing is the idea of lying spread-eagle in front of another person. Here’s what the pros say: “we’ve seen it before you and we’ll see it after you!”

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