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Dr. Quintana Performs Mohs Skin Cancer Treatment in New York

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2013
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Mohs Micrographic Surgery, first developed in around 1938, offers the highest potential for cure on skin cancer. It is reputed to have the most advanced and effective treatment today on the common types of skin cancer. Specifically, it can effectively remove non-melanotic skin cancer, such as squamous cell cancer, sebaceous carcinoma, basal cell cancer, Extramammary Paget’s disease, Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, among others.

This cutting-edge treatment requires a highly specialized surgeon, such as New York Dermatologist Dr. Adelle Quintana. She has training and exposure on  Mohs Skin Cancer Treatment technique. By utilizing microscopic analysis of resected tissue, she can clearly track both the removal of the cancer and complete elimination of all tumor roots. This will in turn preserve the greatest amount of normal tissue and provide the foundation for the best skin reconstructions. Moreover, scarring or permanent disfigurement is significantly limited.

Performing at her state-of-the-art Mohs laboratory in New York, Dr. Quintana’s Mohs cure rates approach 99% for most primary (untreated) cancers with a slightly lower cure rate for secondary or recurrent (previously treated) cancers. Voted as Newsweek’s “Best in New York Dermatology 2010”, Dr. Quintana upon consultation will evaluate you thoroughly whether this treatment is suitable for you or not.

If interested with this skin cancer treatment, please connect with us at (291) 391-8600 or via this Online Appointment Form.

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