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Skin Cancer, Meet Mohs!

Mohs Surgery“Skin cancer.” Those are frightening words to hear uttered in your direction. The diagnosis can feel overwhelming regardless of the severity of the condition. Patients of New York City Mohs surgeon Dr. Adelle Quintana can gain peace of mind knowing their physician has the up-to-date training to manage even the most visible skin cancer lesions. In our office, we know that skin cancer can be a serious diagnosis. That is why we work quickly in the area of treatment planning, and why Mohs surgery is often our go-to procedure.

Visible Skin Cancers

Any skin cancer is a concern. However, due to the potential need for reconstruction, visible skin cancers present a unique situation. If your skin cancer is located on your chest, nose, or another part of the neck or face, scarring may be a concern that floats around in your mind. Mohs is an excellent option for visible skin cancers due to the minimally invasive methodology involved in the removal of abnormal lesions. In addition to the low scarring risk, Mohs is also known for its high success rate for full elimination of cancer cells.

Progressive Improvements in Care

Historically, skin cancer removal has been conducted with surgical removal or standard excision. The Mohs technique is different. It is referred to as micrographic for a reason. During the mid-1900s, Dr. Frederic Mohs developed the technique for progressive removal of cells. By removing a thin layer of cells, that layer of tissue can be immediately examined. That means no waiting days for a lab to return the “all clear.” It also means the greatest amount of preservation of healthy tissue and the highest accuracy.

The meticulous process of removal and examination is advantageous not only for reconstructive purposes but also regarding the depths reached in a single procedure. Unlike standard excision, Mohs is adept at reaching deep roots without necessarily creating a large wound to do so. While the process does take longer, most patients agree that the peace of mind they gain knowing their physician has successfully removed all cancer cells from a lesion is well worth a day in the office.

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