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How to Feed your Skin this Holiday Season

Holiday Fare that Feeds the SkinWe don’t typically spend much time thinking about “feeding” our skin. We feed our senses and we fuel our body when we eat healthy, scrumptious foods; but our skin? In fact, what’s on  your plate during all those holiday gatherings, late-night Elf showings, or those countless trips to the mall does affect your skin in some form or fashion. Because the holiday season is one in which we want to look our best, we can think of no better time to look at some of foods that you may want on your plate  – and a few that you don’t.

Holiday Fare that Feeds the Skin

There are a few treats that seem to go hand in hand with the holidays, and we are pleased to see how the following support our healthy glow!

  • If you’re not a fan of pumpkin pie, consider using pumpkin seeds in your salad, instead. This Winter fruit is loaded with nourishing ingredients like vitamin C and carotinoids. Who would have thought that slice of pumpkin pie was helping you reverse sun damage and build stronger collagen!
  • A steaming cup of homemade cocoa sets the soul to rest. It also has flavinoids that, according to research, encourage blood flow to the skin. Perhaps it’s not just the warmth of your hot cocoa that gives you rosy winter cheeks!
  • The great thing about coffee is that it’s not just a holiday indulgence – at least not for most of us. Did you know that your Cup of Joe is actually decreasing your risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer? Research says you get a 10% boost in protection from just one cup.

What to Watch out for

Fortunately, there aren’t too many food items on our list of what can degrade your holiday glow. But, many of the foods that are included in our seasonal festivities do include them:

  • Research indicates that sugar causes the strands of collagen beneath the skin to weaken. The consequence of broken-down collagen is premature aging.
  • Many forms of alcohol have specific sugars, which are not friendly to collagen. Alcohol also depletes the body of moisture, which can show up on the skin very quickly.
  • Here’s a tricky one. Salt is snuck into a large majority of packaged foods, as well as most fast food. Too much sodium can give you plump cheeks like Santa, and under eye bags to boot.

The staff in our Times Square dermatology office wishes you a joyous holiday season.


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