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Freshen up with These Tips for Healthy Skin

spring skin care | New York, NYThe fact that Springtime is just around the corner has many of us thanking our lucky stars. No more shoveling snow or slip-sliding our way to the front door. The future looks bright, and this has many of us walking with more bounce in our step. Springtime is all about renewal, and this affects in innumerable ways. An important urge that strikes during this time of year is one to freshen up, to clean up and clear out. Here, we will discuss a few tips for fresh, radiant skin.

Let it Go

Oh, to just let go of what no longer serves you! This feels good on EVERY level! The problem with our skin is that, far too often, those old, dead cells that no longer serve us don’t want to be let go. They stick around, mucking up the surface. When the outermost layer of your skin is loaded with useless cells and other debris, there is no shine, no radiance. Also, there is very little efficiency in the moisturizing products you are applying. Letting go of old skin is easy, just call your dermatologist in Midtown Manhattan for a chemical peel. From there, you are on a good path to gorgeous summer skin.

Lighten it Up

One of the aspects of Spring that is so appealing is the call to lighten up in every possible way. The renewal of bright, sunshiny days lifts the mood. The warmer temperatures prompt us to lighten up on the heavy clothing. As the mercury rises, we also need to give our skin a break. Those thicker, creamier skin care products you have been using throughout the dry, Winter months can be tossed. Now is a time for smoother, lighter moisturizers with alpha hydroxy.

Get Prepped

Springtime is a prep for Summer. It is a great time to give thought to your sun care routine. Don’t fall for the hoopla about SPF. Instead, look for the sunscreen with broad spectrum protection; SPF 30 is suitable for most people. Also, schedule a visit with us for a full skin cancer screening. During this visit, you can learn how to perform monthly skin checks that minimize your risk of skin cancer.

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