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Products Help You Get Through the Winter

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2019
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Aesthetics Procedures New York City, NYIf you’ve noticed that your skin is changing right along with the weather, recognize symptoms as an indication that you need to change something about your skin care. Along with plummeting temperatures, the winter months make the air even drier than normal. Dry air leaches moisture from your skin. Unless you have plans to jet off to a hot and humid tropical island for the next few months, we suggest that you consider specific product changes to keep your skin healthy.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum

We may have mentioned this before but it bears repeating: hyaluronic acid is your friend’s BFF. Serums infuse the superficial layers of skin with moisture, and that’s what hyaluronic acid is all about. This ingredient is categorized as a humectant; it pulls in and adheres to water molecules. With age, the body slows its natural production of this acid, so it becomes necessary to apply it whenever and wherever needed. People who implement a hyaluronic acid serum into their daily skin care routine notice a difference in moisture within about a week.

A tip for serums: these are products to be layered with creams and lotions. Always start with the thinnest product first and then layer to the next thickest and so on.

Gentle Exfoliants

We shouldn’t stop exfoliating our skin during the winter months. Exfoliants enhance the skin’s ability to repair its protective barrier and also maximize product absorption. If you’re not exfoliating regularly, chances are those nourishing and hydrating serums and creams you’re using are just sitting on the surface of your skin. You need them to penetrate the epidermis in order to decrease dryness and the risk of premature aging. Exfoliation can be done in several ways. We suggest a professional chemical peel for a periodic skin refresher. The staff in our Manhattan office can customize peels and resurfacing to achieve the intended outcome without irritating the skin.

Intense Moisturizers

Hydration is the name of the game in the winter months, and that takes effort because just about everything in the environment is working against us here. After preparing the skin for maximum product absorption, choose products that are made for powerful hydration, such as Elta MD™ Intense Moisturizer. Experts suggest also applying a hydrating mask once or twice a week.

Get a jump start on healthy winter skin. Contact our Manhattan office at 212.391.8600 to schedule a consultation and exfoliation treatment.

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