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‘Tis the Season for Skin Resurfacing

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2021
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Beautiful woman takes off protective mask for drinking coffee. Female sitting outdoors on terrace and drink coffee. Quarantine, self distancing.As the warm, humid weather slips farther away from us, the more our skin may start asking for a pick-me-up. We may notice this as a dull complexion or some new spots on our skin that we hadn’t noticed before. Changes in the skin’s texture, such as roughness, can bring out those fine lines and wrinkles that weren’t so noticeable when our skin was moistened by the humidity of the air. Now that the air is getting dryer and cooler, it’s a treat time to think about the benefits of resurfacing treatments. In our office in Midtown Manhattan, patients can discuss a few different resurfacing treatments. These include chemical peels, microneedling, and laser skin resurfacing. Here, we discuss the benefits of these treatments and how to enhance them. 

Refresh Your Skin

After a long, hot summer, what the skin needs is some good old-fashioned refreshment. We get that through exfoliation. Exfoliating techniques may vary, but their outcomes are similar, they accelerate cellular turnover. The speed at which this turnover happens after treatment is dependent on its strength. For example, a light chemical peel helps the very uppermost layer of the skin regenerate through minor flaking. A medium peel, on the other hand, penetrates a little more deeply into the skin. Side effects are minimal, but there is a more profound exfoliation that takes place. Then we have laser skin resurfacing, which works by ablating the outer layers of the skin with thermal energy. The vast majority of laser treatments that occur today are comfortable and conservative, achieving outstanding benefits with little downtime, if any.

There are multiple reasons we want to exfoliate the skin. Without adequate exfoliation, dead and damaged cells accumulate, blocking the efficacy of quality skincare products. A layer of dead and damaged skin cells is also dull and rough, so complexion is affected. The surface of the skin also holds damage such as dark spots and more diffuse pigment problems. Exfoliation manually or chemically breaks up these spots and also stimulates a healing response that continues to lighten them over time. 

Maximizing Your Resurfacing Results

Fall ‘tis not only the season for exfoliation but for an all-around revamp of our skin care habits. A formal exfoliating treatment like laser skin resurfacing is a great jumping-off point to change up your daily skin care routine. Doing so cleans the slate, so to speak, of your skin so your products work better. Then, the products that you apply daily continue to boost your skin’s resilience and radiance. 

There is no time like the present to get better skin. Contact our NYC office at  212.391.8600 to schedule your consultation for skin resurfacing treatment. 

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