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Laser Hair Removal New York: Efficient & Safe Treatment

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2012
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Many women struggle with unsightly hair growth. Thanks to technological and cosmetic advances, there is now an efficient way to remove undesired hair. Laser hair removal impairs the growth capacity of hair follicles during the active growth phase. Thus, laser removal requires around six sessions before significant results will be noticed.

Laser & Mohs Surgery of New York is one of the finest centers in laser hair removal treatments. It has a team of dermatology and anesthetic specialists to make sure that undesired hairs are eliminated efficiently yet safely. This is why treatment sessions are spaced a few months apart. Furthermore, factors such as hair density, age and hormone fluctuations are considered in every patient. During the initial consultation, a Laser & Mohs staff member will discuss eligibility and details of treatment. Moreover, a customized plan for Laser Hair Removal New York will be provided for each patient.

If you want to remove excess hair through effective laser removal technology, or simply want more information, please give us a call at (291) 391-8600.

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