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How to Feed your Skin this Holiday Season

We don’t typically spend much time thinking about “feeding” our skin. We feed our senses and we fuel our body when we eat healthy, scrumptious foods; but our skin? In fact, what’s on  your plate during all those holiday gatherings, late-night Elf showings, or those countless trips to the mall does affect your skin in… Read More »

3 Ways to Lock In Moisture This Winter

With the holidays in full swing and winter just around the corner, good skincare is likely the last thing on your mind. However, as something that will help protect you from developing fine lines and wrinkles and from feeling overall uncomfortable throughout the season, having a good skincare regimen that will help you lock in… Read More »

Clear, Lovely Skin Can Be Yours

At every age, women and men, alike, want clear, young-looking skin. The challenge is how to arrive at that goal. Keep reading to learn a few easy ways to improve the health and appearance of your skin. Stay Hydrated – Your body needs water to stay healthy – the same goes for your skin. Dehydration… Read More »

“Bacne” – The 411

Acne on your face is embarrassing and annoying – at any age. When you also have acne on your back or other parts of your body (commonly referred to as “bacne”), it can make it hard to enjoy the beach, water sports, the gym or even intimacy. Knowledge is powerful, and understanding the causes and… Read More »

Let Us Tell You About ResurFX

One of the newest and most effective skincare treatments Dr. Quintana offers her patients is laser skin resurfacing using the ResurFX system. It’s the only, truly non-ablative fractional laser treatment and is a safe and comfortable option for successfully treating skin concerns on the face and body. How does it work? The ResurFX laser prioritizes… Read More »

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